All Around Realty Property Management Services include the below and more:

  • Property Management on the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay Region.
  • Free advertisement on a number of internet search Engines.
  • Property inspections every 3 to 4 months.
  • Bond lodgment with the RTA.
  • TICA National Tenancy database checks including current QCAT hearings.
  • Issue Notices as per the Residential Tenancy Act QLD.
  • Providing a Tenancy Agreement to the tenant that is legally binding and reduces the instances of early termination of the tenancy agreement.
  • No tolerance for rent arrears.
  • No hidden costs for repairs and maintenance.
  • Provide tenants with all the required documentation as set out in the Act.
  • Outstanding Property Management service where our landlords become our friends.

Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance covers all the items that Building and Contents insurance does not and it adds that extra protection for you and your property. Building and Contents insurance covers the structure of the building while landlord insurance covers items such as:

  • Loss of rent due to an absconding tenant
  • Death of a Tenant
  • Prevention of access
  • Accidental loss or damage
  • Flood
  • Storm or rainwater damage
  • Malicious damage

We appreciate that with an investment property any vacancy period is costing you money and All Around Realty does everything possible to ensure that your property is leased for the best possible price in the shortest time frame.

Marketing Your Investment Property-

At All Around Realty we use the best possible marketing tools to display your property and ensure the photos are professional and display your property in the best possible light. There have been a number of studies done around the marketing of a property and it has demonstrated time and again that if the photos are right the property is likely to have a higher number of search hits, enquiries and inspections. We also have a list of tenants that have already been data based checked looking to move into properties in the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay Region. Therefore, you can be assured that your property vacancy period is kept to a minimum. We structure each campaign to meet your needs.

Contact us about our professional photography offer to new investors or investors with new properties in their portfolio Contact us about our professional photography offer to new investors or investors with new properties in their portfolio



Firstly, we provide you with a current assessment of your rental property and ensures that the journey to fulfilling your dreams of building an investment portfolio is one that is enjoyable and stress free.   Given Queensland is the most litigious state in Australia for Property Management and is changing all the time, we also manage the many legal mind fields to ensure that at no time are you at risk.

Tenancy Checks: At All Around Realty we have strict criteria for Tenant Selection which is supported numerous tenancy database checks Australia wide which include not only the tenant’s rental history but also their employment history and ability to pay the rent on time, every time.  These checks also provide us with information regarding a tenant that they may not have disclosed on their application and form part of our offer at no additional cost to you. Property managers at All Around Realty are also aware of the many legal minefields that you need to be aware of when looking for a tenant, these include the Anti-Discrimination Act, the Privacy Act and the Trade Practices act which all need to be adhered to.  What does this equate to for the landlord – Less likelihood of litigation against the landlord, time back- as you are not doing the interviews and checks providing less stress and peace of mind that the tenant will pay their rent on time and look after the property as if it was their own.

Insurance:  It is a legal requirement and vital that your property is well insured i.e. Building, any contents fixtures, legal/public liability, cover for such things are drug use on the property and our advice to you also covers landlord protection insurance which covers items such as damage or loss of rent through default. What does this equate to for the landlord Competitive pricing and peace of mind that you and your property has a safeguard in place.

Quality Tenants: At All Around Realty we go one step further and prior to the approved tenant moving in, we take time out to spend quality time with the prospective tenant, provide them with a welcome pack outlining expectations and review the REIQ tenancy agreement in depth including any additional special terms and conditions so that the tenant is aware of the requirements to look after the property as if it was their own.  What does this equate to for the landlorda longer tenancy term and tenants who will look after the place as if it is their own.

Ready to Move in:  If you have recently purchased the property, we also visit the property with you prior to putting the property on the market and advise you of any maintenance issues that need to be attended to ensure you are in line with the Act and all legal requirements.  These items include the new smoke alarm, pool safety requirements, gas bottle positioning and electrical safety switch laws.  This inspection also assists you when obtaining your insurances for the property. What does this equate to for the landlord – A property that is ready to move in and less insurance costs.

Entry Condition Inspection: Prior to the tenants moving in we do a very thorough Entry Condition Report and take numerous photos.  We keep these reports on file to use if the tenant vacates the property at some time so we can ensure they leave your property in the condition that they found it minus fair wear and tear. What does this equate to for the landlorda property that remains in good condition and the ability to cover costs by retrieving the bond should damage occur.


Inspections: At All Around Realty, after the tenant has moved in we do a follow up inspection in a month to ensure there are no outstanding concerns the tenant may have and ensure that the tenant is adhering to the requirements set out in the first meeting.  This helps not only ensuring your property is looked after, it also assists in obtaining long term tenants who feel they are important in the rental process.  We then follow this up with regular 3 to 4 month inspections which include a thorough written report and photos taken each time.  These reports and photos are sent to yourself for your piece of mind.   What does this equate to for the landlordPeace of mind and longer tenancy terms meaning less lost rent due to having to find another tenant.

Maintenance:  As a general rule we contact our landlords to seek approval of maintenance or repairs to be carried out.  You can choose to allow us to authorise repairs up to a certain value however this is your discretion.   We have a bank of experienced professional trades people who can attend to maintenance at your property.  All our contractors have been interviewed, checked for work quality, carry an ABN and have the appropriate public liability cover.

What does this equate to for the landlordYou have paid a lot of money for the property so it is worth looking after, this way your property remains in good condition and you save time by not having to find a tradesperson to complete work required.

Zero Tolerance for Rental Arrears:  We understand that it is important that you receive your rent on time and we educate and follow up with our tenants to ensure they are aware of their commitments to the tenancy agreement.  We have zero tolerance for nonpayment of rent.  We are well versed in the QLD legislation and its requirements and will help in making the right decision for you and your investment. What does this equate to for the landlordRent paid on time every time and no potential for the insurance company not pay out to cover costs due to non-compliance with their policies.

Communication:  We keep you informed at every step – how the property and tenants are going, the ongoing condition of your property, any concerns raised by the tenants concerning maintenance, when action is required and any other information relevant to you and your property. What does this equate to for the landlordPeace of mind that your property is being well looked after and you can relax and get on with your life.

Regular Rent Reviews and Renewal of Lease Agreements:  Regular rent reviews are carried out on your investment property, taking into account market conditions and many other factors.  We also Always renew a lease agreement, so it does not lapse into a periodic agreement, this is done at no extra cost to you.   What does this equate to for the landlord – This means the tenants feel secure and remain renting the property longer and you have a secure tenancy for another time period set out by you, no lost rent through vacancies or additional costs to find a new tenant.

Accounting/Payments:  A statement is prepared for you in the last week of each month, showing all income and payments for the period, any maintenance that has been carried out and our competitive management fee.  We then direct deposit the money into your account.  We can also provide payments into your account mid-month should you require.  Finally, Yearly financial statements are provided outlining your income and expenditure, all ready to take to your accountant. What does this equate to for the landlordLess interest paid on the investment property, clear outline of expenditure and time saved in documenting and keeping this information to provide to your accountant.



In regards to tenant selection, Agents generally have access to information on a potential tenant that Private Investment Property Owners do not.  We interview all our prospective tenants therefore you only need to review one or two applications not the many that may apply.

In relation to ongoing Management, there are many advantages in using All Around Realty as your agent rather than the Owner Manager the property themselves.

Amongst many others, they include:

  • We act as an intermediary between the Owner and the Tenant, we can prevent disputes and ill feelings that can sometimes be created, particularly over rent payment arrears or repairs.
  • The ever-changing legislative requirements make it difficult for private owners to keep up to date.
  • Management fee is tax deductible and normally costs less than you think.
  • As a private owner do you have the knowledge or time to access information when drawing up a lease that will protect you and your property and comply with insurance requirements?
  • Serve notices if rent is unpaid?
  • What occurs if you wish to sell the property and need to take vacant possession?
  • Do you have time to prepare the documents for a tribunal hearing should you be owed rent or damage to the property occurs? Due to lack of experience this can result in an unsatisfactory outcome.
  • Generally, we are able to negotiate more attractive rates with maintenance contractors and ensure they comply with legislation.
  • We are consistently attracting a greater number of tenants looking for a property however as a private owner you may need to spend substantial money in advertising to attract the right tenant.
  • Does a private owner have the time to comply with all the requirements set out by the insurance companies to ensure you receive a payout to cover for lost rent or damage if required? Also are you able to obtain competitive rates for your insurance?


Have you not received reimbursement for damage to your property when a tenant has left or are there small concerns you have with your current property manager? You can Make the Change:
If you already are with an agency, it may be time to make a change and experience the All Around Realty difference.  It is simple.  All we need is written authority notifying your current agent of the change of management agencies.  We then contact the agency, collect the documents and meet with the tenants, providing everyone with peace of mind throughout the transition process.