I have completed the steps below before lodging a job or making a call

Type of Repair or Maintenance Required- Please ensure you have referred to Trouble Shooting Guide and you have tried to resolve the maintenance item yourself as long as it is practical and safe to do so.


Urgent jobs include emergencies where People or Property are in danger of damage or Injury.
In these cases phone immediately on 0466 683 684, if suitable please also call 000.
Non-urgent Jobs are jobs that are required, however do not endanger People or Property. NB Please be aware the Agency may need to refer to the Landlord for instructions regarding the request/s and will advise the Tenant of the outcome as soon as possible.

Complete if issue involves one of the following items:

Hot Water



Tenants Requirements to Allow Tradesperson on the Property to repair the problem or to review and provide a quote.

If animals are kept on Premises the tenant has locked-up or restrained them.
Approval is given by the Tenant to allow the Agency to provide the Tradesperson with a key on the day that entry is required.
Tenants will be on site. Tradersperson to call and arrange a time. * Please note that if an arranged time has been booked and the tenant is not on site the tenant maybe charged for a call out fee.