Staging your Property for Sale


In short, the Answer is a resounding YES!

All Around Realty have clients who continue to attest to this with one owner making an additional $500,000 and another an additional $132,000 for the cost of only $3000 and some hard work to get the property ready. Why would you not take time and effort for returns such as this?

All Around Realty offers as part of their package, Home Staging/Presentation advice at no extra cost.

What is Home Staging/Presentation when Selling?

Home staging is all about improving the appearance of your property in preparation to sell. This is usually done by bringing in homeware, art and furniture in the short-term and to set up the home for the selling process, from photos through to the open house and sale.

Home staging, we offer is a consultation process between the seller and an expert who visit your home and get a feel for the space and make recommendations. They may even recommend painting and advice on how to improve the exterior of the property and yard to make it more appealing, so it appeals to a wide range of buyers, so it sells quickly and for a far better price. In fact, depending on the property, it can add up to a 30% increase in sale price.

What is the Cost?

The consultation cost can be around $400 however with All Around Realty we offer this consultation for free. The advice includes using the furniture and other items in your home, if appropriate, so the cost to make these changes can be minimal and simple, as there is no need to hire furniture. It may also include a little physical work to get it ready, if you do not have the ability to do this, we have people who can assist in this process as well. So, you can get the look without the price tag.

Can Home Staging Improve the Sale Price?

Yes, home staging increases the sale value of your home. “On average every dollar you spend on property styling, you make between $30 to $50 in return when you sell, using our process”. We have clients video testimonials that say this time and time again.

On average, a styled home sells faster when compared to un-styled or empty homes. In Australia, styled homes sell for five to fifteen percent more than un-styled homes.

To know about how we can help sell your property faster and get you the best price. Give us a call today.

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