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18 Oct 2021


Recently, Narelle assisted my mother to sell her property as she wanted to move into a retirement village. My mother found the whole idea of selling very stressful and overwhelming. Narelle was very supportive and communicative every step of the way, providing my Mum advice and support on every aspect of the process from property presentation through to settlement. Narelle provided my mother sound advice when the buyers were trying to get the price reduced from the initial offer they placed on the property. Narelle was considerate enough to include me in all communications as she was aware I was trying provide my mother support through what was a trying time for my Mum. Following all Narelle’s assistance and advice not only did Mum’s property sell within 3 days, it is also set a record sales figure as the highest price in the street. I believe the invaluable advice Narelle provided directly contributed to this record price. I would thoroughly recommend Narelle’s service to anyone looking to buy or sell.