20 Jan 2019



It's been 3 months now since the settlement our property.

From the day that I rang Narelle, from her flyer in the mail, until the Sale of our house, Narelle Cordaro was there for us every step of the way.

"She Had Our Backs"

Even when "my husband" was sure Narelle had set the sale price way too high- She said Trust Me.

From the day she came to my house to give me an appraisal even before we were ready to sell, I had the feeling she would truely do every thing to get us the monies she had quoted us.

She had recommended that we should stage the house to make it more presentable to the potential buyer.

We had Helen Jones from StageThe Dream come thru and advise us on the best way to stage our home.

Wonderful Lady -Recommend her services and advise.

My Husband was starting to feel very uncomfortable with the changes to our house and about selling.

As this was to be our last home and for reasons of our own we'd decided to sell it and lower our overheads.

When we had our first open house we had expected a larger turn out, but it only takes one buyer.

My husband was still sure it was listed too high and considered dropping the price but Narelle held his hand thru the whole process and we got a CONTRACT by the 3rd open house.

What should have been a joyous occasion was soon to become a very stressfull time.

The Buyer was being difficult right to the very end.

We had seriously considered pulling out of the contract and Not selling but Good ol' Narelle helped us thru.

( Not without drama right to the end on Settlement and Moving day.

She even helped us with the realestate of our purchased home}

Thank you Narelle-'Cuz"

You truly are a Bull dog of a realtor "On Our Side"

{I mean that in the kindest way}

It was such a comfort to have you there for us.

I don't know how I would have coped trying to deal with my Husband and the difficult buyer and all of the conveyancing and helping with the purchase of our New Home


Thank You